Can Anyone Learn How To Sing Better?

Make sure your sound is turned on and that you watch this video right to the end, as it will surprise you!



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Helen, Pittsburg

I've always loved singing, but I never had the confidence to sing in front of other people. I set my mind to achieve a goal... and that goal was to sing in the local choir. I really needed some help though - I was like a timid mouse and couldn't project my voice properly. My daughter came across a singing course online called Singorama, and I decided to give it a go. It was exactly what I needed to give me real insight into how the voice actually works and how to improve it. I'm so happy to say, that I am now a lead vocalist in my choir and couldn't be happier!

Claudia, Los Angeles

I've been singing since I was young, but I felt I needed help with my breathing and tone. Singorama has been amazing at helping me with these and more.

Angelique, New York

Friends have told me for a long time that I have a good voice... so I decided to buy a singing course to improve my singing skills and I found Singorama... It's an amazing guide and has taught me a lot.

Martel, Jamaica

I sing for a living but knew I had some room for improvement, so searched on Google for a singing course and found Singorama. I haven't looked back... it's all you need!

Madi pic

I'm Madi! I love music and I've been singing since I was a baby in the crib. I used to have a bit of trouble with my breathing and range. I was browsing online and came across Singorama and it's completely helped to improve my vocals. Thank you SO much!


I love singing... It's almost as easy as breathing... Still I realise that I need to get better at my art. Singorama has been an awesome experience. It's an amazing tool to have as it will actually make you a better singer and I highly recommend it.


Read Comments From From Singorama Customers ▼

Aubrey Reynolds

Just a quick heads up to say thanks for the amazing training. I have to say I was a little sceptical to start with… But my voice really has transformed into something amazing! Kind regards.

· · · April 2015

Isaac Wilson

I originally bought singorama for my little brother (he is a great guitarist)… But it wasn’t until I heard his new voice where I decided to give it a try!… I have only been practicing for a week and I am sounding great!.

· · March 2015

Hal Rivers

I just wanted to give a warm thank you for delivering on your promise. I am so pleased with my results. Well done Singorama.

· · March 2015

Chris Brent

I love Singorama! I used to be so shy with my voice even though I used to sing decently when I was alone. Your course has not only radicaly improved my voice, but has given me so much confidence. Thanx for the wonderful product.

· · · March 2015

Ken Seaton

Epic program guys! My band is stoked for it too ; )

· · February 2015

Indrawati Sumano

Singorama just landed me a GREAT part my school musical! Thank you guys soooo much!

· · · February 2015

Alex White

I mix music in my spare time, so I decided to try your course out so I could add vocals to my mix. It was the best decision I ever made. It has taken my music to the next level. Thanks singorama team.

· · · June 2014

Joanne Wilkins

Your e-course couldn’t have come at a better time! I was ready to give up at my choir, but your training lifted my spirits and my confidence. I have re-discovered my love of singing again. Thank you singorama.

· · January 2015

William Lavel


· · December 2014

Fauzi Labriz

Dear team at Singorama · Your teachings were far beyond what I expected! Really well planned out and easy to use. Great job.

· · · December 2014

Mat Johannsen

This training has cleared up so many misunderstandings i previously had about singing. It was like being given missing pieces to a puzzle! I just wanted to say thank you.

· · November 2014

Angela Reno

I have literally just bought your program (3 days ago)… No big results as of yet (obviously), but I can feel changes happening… the course is really easy to follow and im loving it!!! I have decided to record my progress each week on the mini recording studio… Stay tuned for my results!!!

· · · November 2014

Sam Steven

THIS STUFF IS LEGIT! · love the pitch perfecting software!!!

· · May 2014

Al Dunstan

I just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service. I couldn’t find my bonus content and your team got back to me straight away and showed me where to look.

· · November 2014

Chistina Moore

Singorama has given me a new hobby I never thought I could enjoy. I only bought your product just to get me to a respectable level where I wouldn’t embarrass myself in our parish choir. But it turns out I am actually a good singer. Forever greatful.

· · · October 2014

Bobby Lee

Its still very early days for me, but its plain to see your course is the real deal! I’m excited!

· · October 2014

Derek Kerr

Your pitch perfector software made a GIANT difference for me alone! As for the rest of the course? SUBLIME!

· · September 2014

Camelle Young

Singorama, you have truly made my hour long commute to work fun and exciting… I do the vocal training in my car during rush hour traffic and I can really feel a difference in my voice every time I practice. Thank you for a great product.

· · June 2014

Yahya Malit

I will happily recommend your e-course everybody! Splendid results.

· · September 2014

Joachim Fritz

This is a good program. My daughter is over the moon with this. She won’t let me hear her “new voice” yet but I hear her practicing everyday so it must be working. I just wanted so say thank you for your fast and helpful service desk. Regards.

· · · August 2014

Laura Canterbury

Wow guys, this stuff is potent! Kareoke is much more fun now. I rocked “Sweet child of mine” last night and really nailed the high notes! Even got some kudos from some strangers at the bar! Great product.

· · August 2014

Rhyanna Mayweather

i have an audition tomorrow and i am super excited! i would usually be worried sick, but not anymore… i have a really good feeling about this thanx to your help!

· · August 2014

Tom Youngs

I think some gratitiude is in order due to the fact I was a little dubious before I started your training. I am so happy with the quality of it all. Thanks.

· · July 2014


You really did deliver on your promises Singorama. My choir has no idea where this voice came from. Should I tell them?

· · · June 2014

Read More About How To Become A Master of Singing

Learning how to sing can be hard. Especially if you’ve considered yourself “non-musical” your whole life. Actually, learning the art of song may seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! The hardest part of vocal mastery may actually be convincing yourself that you can actually sing! Once you’ve got that part down, all the rest is just a matter of hard work. Here are several things you need to remember if you want to tune your voice properly to become a great vocalist.

Always remember to warm up. Your vocal chords are just like any other muscle; they need to warm up before heavy use. To warm up, you can do simple scales, choose a relatively easy song, or hum. Don’t try to shock your voice by trying to go up and down your entire range right off the bat. Pace yourself. Only try to push the boundaries of your range (the lowest and highest notes)… gradually.

Sing every chance you get. Practice is very important in any art or discipline, and singing is no exception. In addition to “official,” undistracted practice, try to work on your voice while you do other things too, like while cooking, doing chores or driving. Making this a near constant element in your life will condition your voice, making singing basically second nature, and help take away some of the “seriousness” of it all. This will help you immensely with stage fright and performance anxiety as well, which brings us to:

Practice in front of others. Many first timers find that gathering enough confidence to perform in front of an audience for the first time is one of the biggest hurdles to leap. Start out by recording yourself until you are happy with your results then graduate to rehearsing in front of family or friends you feel comfortable with. With time, you will eventually build a steady confidence, helping you to handle the stage in front of larger groups.

Watch your posture. The quality of your voice depends on many factors; your posture is one of them. Keeping your body in the proper position allows for the best air flow possible. Keep your back straight, and keep your gaze more or less parallel to the floor; don’t look up or down. Keep both of your feet planted flat, and don’t shift your weight back and forth between them. If you are performing seated, don’t lean back in your chair. Keep the upper half of your body straight, the same way you would do if you were standing. Try to sit closer to the edge of your seat; this way, you won’t “pinch” your diaphragm, allowing you to project more powerfully. Always position yourself in a way where your body provides minimum “resistance” to your breathing and voice..

Stay hydrated. When you let your throat get dry, your voice is impacted in a very negative way. It can get hoarse or raspy, and forgetting to hydrate before going out on stage can, over time, cause permanent damage to your vocal cords. To avoid this, always remember to drink plenty of water every time before practice or performance. Take small sips of water during a session as well, as there are many stage factors that will dehydrate you. Avoid taking substances that can dehydrate you, especially right before singing, such as coffee and alcohol. Milk is another to avoid as it causes the oesophagus to build up mucus. There are many other health benefits to drinking plenty of fluids, so for your own sake, drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Keep your lungs healthy. There are many things that can, over time, slowly cause your lungs to deteriorate. Smoking for one, is one thing you should not be doing; even without considering how it hurts you as in general, it will prematurely shorten the life of a great set of vocal chords. This is especially important if you want to learn how to sing higher. Regular cardiovascular exercise, like aerobics or running, helps increase your lung capacity and healthy.

Take from other singers/artists, but develop your own style. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to incorporate certain aspects of the voices of other artists you admire into your own singing style – it’s also important that you develop your own unique style. Practice in a fashion that is truly yours. If you want to learn how to sing well, it isn’t about perfectly reproducing the performance of another performer; it’s about putting your own spin on a song that fits your unique sound.

Set goals, but know your limits. One thing that can really help with motivation is setting goals. Goals can be different for everyone, depending on what they want to achieve, what they find difficult, or feel they need to work on. You should also make sure that you aren’t subjecting your vocal cords to undue stress by trying to reach notes that you aren’t capable of or ready for. Remember, everyone’s voice is different. Some vocalists naturally have a wider vocal range than others. You can always choose songs that are out of your vocal range – up or down in a different key to make them more accessible to you.

Consider online singing lessons. Before you go out and spend a wad of cash on a face-to-face vocal instructor, consider learning how to sing better with the most comprehensive and up-to-date singing software like Singorama first. The entire course will probably cost you about the same amount as one session with some singing instructors. But with Singorama, you receive every technique and method there is to know about singing – with the luxury of practicing at your own leisure. Experiencing vocal breakthroughs no matter what stage your voice is at.

Watch other singers perform. Before you ever started singing, you might not have noticed some of the nuances that professional artists did while performing, like their posture or their breathing technique. Armed with the basics of the methodology, you can now look at the artists you idolize and be able to analyze why they perform the way they do. Watching other singers can also help you with your own technique targeting certain factors that you might be having difficulty with.

While you can’t expect progress overnight, anyone with the right mindset, enough determination, and access to the right material and information can learn how to sing quickly and easily. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t progress as quickly as you expected to; everyone has to start somewhere, and if you want to reach your goals higher and faster, check out Singorama.